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Corporate Information

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Safety & Environment

green hhatSurprisingly, where Safety is concerned, the Legislation and Common Sense are very well aligned.

What does the Legislation say about Safety in Construction?

  • A Client should not carry out a project (if the duration is 30 days or more) without appointing a CDM Co-Ordinator.
  • A designer must design a building that can be constructed, built, occupied & maintained in a safe manner.
  • A Construction Company (if a project is 30 days or more) must prepare and opperate a construction phase Health & Safety Plan.
  • All works must be planned to assess risk. Safe work plans must be prepared & most importantly, comunicated by management to tradesmen and operatives.
  • A tradesman or operative must carry out their work and minimise accidents and if possible irradicate them.
  • A Maintenance Company must understand the Operation and Maintenance manuals and maintain the building using these as an initial tool/guide.


All of these phases involve decisions about Safety and these decisions are:

  • As an owner, designer or company director I will not allow an activity or design be undertaken at risk and to the best of my knowledge I will not put a worker at risk.
  • As a worker I will work safely and will understand the risk assessments and safe work plans and take my responsibilities seriously.
  • As a manager or worker I will never walk past an unsafe practice and allow it to carry on.
  • I will remember the old adage "If you fail to plan you plan to fail" so all PPE will be identified as needed prior to a job being carried out and I will Think Safety.
That’s why we say “Safety Starts with You”, as we are all responsible to deliver a Zero tolerance in unsafe practices.

There are no Heroes so let’s all work safely so that our crew go home to their loved ones with all their faculties every evening.

Note: For a full copy of our company Safety Policy and SMS (Safety management system) please contact the office and we will arrange for you to view it or have a PDF copy as you wish.



In accordance with our Environmental statement of intent attached in PDF below, we are fully committed to Our Look Green & Work Green policy which deals with elements such as:

Recycling policies
Contracts, Worker and Suppliers responsibilities

We hope you find it informative and practical.

We are determined to play our part to reduce the impact of our work on the environment and lower our carbon footprint. Please ask any of our contract staff for assistance in this regard if you are unsure of any of our policies or practices.

Download our Sustainability Policy today.