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Helpful Tips

When you call The Property Crew, you will be transferred to a knowledgeable, helpful and efficient person with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the building industry as a tradesperson.

We'll help with your issue and react to any emergency by giving you helpful tips to minimise any damage, pending arrival of our Property Crew member.

Our Top Ten Tips:

Tip 01
Always know where your water stop cock is and turn it off when away from your house for a period of 1 week or more. This may well be a clause in your insurance cover.
Tip 02
Never allow you boiler go un-serviced for over 1 year.
Tip 03
Always insulate the rising water main at footpath or entry to you house. This will help prevent the majority of water supply freezing during cold snaps.
Tip 04
Always have a carbon monoxide detector fitted.
Tip 05
Always check smoke alarms each year; it can be combined with a routine maintenance call.
Tip 06
Always know where your Fuse Board or Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) is located.
Tip 07
Fit a thermostatic heater in your attic to ensure your water storage tank won't freeze. It’s a very common cause and an inexpensive way to avoid that horrible feeling of having no water.
Tip 08
Always check chair legs on a wooden floor. Fit casters!! £10 could save you £1000s.
Tip 09
If you live in a house, £5,000 of energy saving capital will repay in 4-6 years - not a bad investment in % terms!
Tip 10
In the case of an insurance job or emergency, photograph, document and call your insurance company instantly on realisation of the damage - and call the Property Crew!

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Helpful Tips

When you call The Property Crew, you will be transferred to a knowledgeable, helpful and efficient...

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